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Expertly Crafted To Your Needs

Are you looking for a personalized medication for you or your loved ones? The Prescription Shop has partnered with Georgia Compounding Services to offer expertly-crafted custom medications to meet your needs. Our compounded medications are made from scratch, giving you the exact strength and dosage you require. We can even affect flavor and take into account any allergies and sensitivities you may have. Mass produced medications don’t always give the results you need. You can be sure with our personalized prescriptions, you’ll get the dosage you require, the way you want it.

Any Ailment, Any Amount

Georgia Compounding Services has more than 10 years of experience in providing the highest grade of customized medications for any medical need. Our compounds include: bio-identical hormones, veterinary medicine, pain management, mitochondrial disease care, wound care, pediatrics, and custom flavoring services. We’ll listen to your needs and ensure our compounds give you exactly what you want and need. If you have specific requirements, sensitivities or dosages you need met, our expert compounding service is your first and best option. 
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Your Compound Solution

Do you need a medication that’s stronger or easier to take than what’s currently available? Is your child in need of a prescription but terrified of the taste? Does the family dog or cat require a difficult-to-find tincture? The Prescription Shop and Georgia Compounding Services can create what you need. No matter the material, no matter the amount, we’ll deliver an expertly crafted concoction at a cost-effective price. Call us or visit our store in Statesboro today!
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